Here is a general overview of the process of Breeding French Bulldogs and some helpful links for  first time French Bulldog Breeders:

How to Breed French Bulldogs - Breeding Process

DNA Testing your Dam:

if you need to have your Stud or Dam DNA tested for health clearance, there are a few options. But, the most popular company by French Bulldog breeders is Embark.

Diet / Suppliments

Here are a few popular supplements trusted by several breeders. Please be aware that the dosage on certain products may vary based on the weight of the Dog.

Bitch Pills

A popular choice by many breeders.

Folic Acid    **Check Dosage Recommendations **

Puppy Supply

One of the most trusted Whelping boxes by breeders is . You may find some other useful options on Amazon:

You will need to stock up on Pee Pads to keep your puppy areas clean and protect your flooring!