Fawn Frenchie

Fawn French bulldogs come in several different varieties that slightly alter their look. They have a distinct orange/yellow coating with a few different patterns.

Masked Fawn

A masked Fawn is typically what most people think of in terms of French Bulldogs. They have a black mask surrounding the nose and mouth area. A Fawn French Bulldog can also be maskless.

Fawn DNA

The Fawn gene is extremely common in French Bulldogs. It appears as Ay on genetic testing and is dominant over solid and tan points. Meaning if the two genes present in a French are Tan Point (At) and Fawn (Ay), the Fawn pattern is dominant and will take over. The Fawn pattern is also affected by the presence of brindle. Any time a copy of brindle is present, the Frenchie will be brindle, rather than fawn.

Lilac Fawn Archie getting some tight snuggles

Types of Fawn

Some other factors can alter the lightness of the fawn’s coat. A lilac fawn will usually have a much lighter coating than a Fawn Frenchie that does not have the additional lilac DNA. A Lilac Fawn will also have lighter eye coloring. Some other different Fawn Varieties include:

  • Blue Fawn
  • Merle Fawn
  • Isabella Fawn
  • Chocolate Fawn
  • Long Haired Fawn

Some Fawn patterns can be much darker and easily be mistaken for tan points. Some DNA testing companies can run sub-tests on the type of fawn/sable pattern and color intensity. Fawns can carry recessive colors and traits that might appear in the offspring. A Fawn can produce non-fawn Frenchies too.

Fawn Frenchie with Blue Brindle offspring.

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