He is the latest information on our breeding program and litter projections. Approved families can leave a deposit to secure their selection. The order of selection is based upon the order deposits are received. From the time the breeding takes place, there are approximately 3 months until pups can be homed. 63 days of pregnancy, 8 weeks of age until they can leave our care.

Lilac Leah

Lilac Leah as a pup

Leah is a Lilac brindle who is scheduled for her first breeding soon. She will be paired with our Lilac platinum stud, Astro, and expect to produce a combination of Lilac and Lilac Fawn pups. The average size is expected to be 5-6 pups. The current schedule is:

  • March 2024 Breeding


Harper is a lilac and tan French Bulldog that we are planning to breed to expand our lines. We require unrelated lines for future breedings into 2024-2025. The offspring from this litter will be targeted more towards breeders looking to improve their program. The stud is yet to be determined. Until we understand her cycle, we can only guess the timing. The schedule currently looks like this:

  • Nov 2024
  • August 2024


Lilac Pink
Lilac Puppy

Zoey was held back from Lexi’s previous litter. She was our pick from the litter and is sure to produce some incredible pups in the future. We will need to evaluate our choice of stud closer to that time. We will adjust the timelines as we learn of her cycle, our best guess:

  • August 2024
  • May 2025
  • October 2025


Nova 12 Weeks Old
  • Jan 2024
  • Oct 2024
  • July 2025


  • Oct 2025
  • July 2025
  • April 2026

Our breedings occur back to back (when medically cleared by a veterinarian), following each cycle as this is recommended to minimize stress and produce the best outcomes for the mom and the pups. We will update our French Bulldog breeding schedule as necessary.