How Much do French Bulldogs Cost?

The average adoption fee is over $6000

Do you have any puppies available?

Please check out our blog for the latest updates. We produce 2-3 litters per year on average and they are usually homed in advance. 

Do you have any upcoming litters?

Please check out our blog of the latest litter projections. Also, visit our planned Breeding Schedule.

Do you offer a waitlist?

We no longer offer a waitlist. We focus on finding the perfect homes for our Frenchies ahead of time so we can focus all of our attention to the puppies on arrival. We occasionally come across adoption opportunities which we will share on our newsletter.

Do you offer guardian homes?

Yes, we co-home some of our Frenchies with other families. If you are interested in these opportunities you can contact us for details.

Do you re-home any of your Frenchies after breeding?

No, all of our Frenchies are in their forever home.

Can you deliver outside of Canada?

Yes, we can arrange trusted, hand delivery if we find a great family for our Frenchie.

Do you offer a Health Guarantee?

Yes, you can read about it here.

Do you require a Deposit?

Yes, we will require a deposit to secure your pick in the litter.

How does selection order work for a litter?

Selection order is determined in the order in which family is confirmed and a deposit is made.

When can I take home a French Bulldog Puppy?

The minimum we allow our Frenchie pups to leave our care is 8 weeks of age.