We are thrilled to announce the arrival of Harper and Aries’ adorable litter of six French Bulldog puppies, born on January 11th, 2024! This litter, a mix of Lilac and Tan, Lilac Platinum, and Lilac Platinum Pied puppies, is truly spectacular and radiates health and vitality.

Extra Special News!

Now and then it happens! We’re away for a family wedding or in this case, we took our girls on an exciting adventure to Disney World for some incredible memories. Harper was showing signs of early labor, which prompted a progesterone test that indicated our puppies were coming ahead of schedule.

Staci Reacting to The News!

We received the news in Magic Kingdom that a healthy litter of two females and four males, each with their own unique and enchanting colors. It’s times like this that we are so grateful to have incredible families and veterinary specialists on our team to make sure our Frenchies are in excellent care at all times.

New Frenchie Colors

Our First Pied Platinum French Bulldog!

This litter has created colors and patterns that we have yet to produce in our program. While our studs have been used to create a wide range of colors, this is the first time we have had Platinum, Tan, or Pied Frenchie Pups available for adoption.

Lilac and Tan puppy looks just like Harper and Aries.

Healthy, Breedworthy French Bulldog Puppies

While we are confident in all of our Frenchies, this litter meets an even higher-than-normal standard of health testing, which results in Studs that are clear from the Cysturnia 3 DNA marker, which is desired any time a male is not to be neutered. This, combined with the rest of the genetic profile makes this litter preferable for French Bulldog breeding. If we discover a good fit for a breeding adoption or co-home, this may be a good fit for the available pups from this litter.

A Lilac Platinum French Bulldog puppy

We currently have two puppies available for adoption. The four original picks will be made shortly and we will provide updates on Instagram and Facebook soon, with updated photos and video.

Harper Nursing her Pups

Nova Heat Watch

Looking ahead, we’re excited about our upcoming breeding with BluFrenchible’s Nova, our cherished Lilac Girl from Calgary, who will also be paired with the remarkable Aries. His contributions to our breeding program have been invaluable, resulting in healthy, stunning litters.

A lilac french bulldog sits on a deck in the winter.
Nova, the Lilac French Bulldog getting some fresh air.

Contact Us

For those interested in adding a BluFrenchible Frenchie to your family, please reach out to us at Info@BluFrenchibles.com. We can’t wait to share more incredible moments with these puppies, Thanks for following our journey.

Warmest Regards,

Justin and Staci

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