French bulldogs Colors appear in so many amazing ways. Sometimes the result of the DNA test isn’t clear on what the coat color will look like. We’ve put together a list of the most popular colors and what their DNA combination would appear as. They can appear in combination with other attributes such as Fawn/Tan, merle, brindle, pied, and long hair(fluffy).


Chocolate French Bulldog

French Bulldog Color - Chocolate

A dark brownish color.

Chocolate French Bulldog Color DNA – co/co (requires 2 copies of cocoa)

Newshade Chocolate French Bulldog

A medium brownish color.

Newshade Chocolate French Bulldog Color DNA – b/b (requires 2 copies of brown, also known as testable chocolate)

Blue French Bulldog

French Bulldog Color - Blue

The Blue French Bulldog has a dark blue, in some cases it appears black, but in good lighting, you will see the blue tint to their coating.

Blue French Bulldog Color DNA – d/d. (requires 2 copies of dilute)

Cream French Bulldog

The Cream frenchie is a whitish/yellow color. Any copies of cream will dominate other colors.

Cream French Bulldog Color DNA – e/e (requires 2 copies of red/yellow on the E-Locus)

Lilac French Bulldog

The lilac Frenchie has a light, greyish appearance to its coating. It is produced by the combination of a Chocolate carrier and a Blue Carrier (Dilute).

Lilac French Bulldog Color DNA –  d/d +  co/co (requires 2 copies of each 2 colors)


Isabella French Bulldog

The Isabella Frenchie has a light, brownish appearance to its coating.

Isabella French Bulldog Color DNA –  d/d + b/b (requires 2 copies of each  2 colors)


Platinum French Bulldog


The Platinum Frenchie appears as a cream with lighter eye color. They can either produce a lilac, newshade, or isabella combination and still appear very similar. The genetics would be as follows:

Lilac Platinum Color DNA – co/co + d/d + e/e (requires 2 copies of each 3 colors)

Isabella Platinum  Color DNA- b/b + d/d + e/e (requires 2 copies of each 3 colors)

Newshade Platinum Color DNA – co/co + b/b + d/d + e/e (requires 2 copies of each 4 colors)


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Here is our video on how you can predict French Bulldog Color in a litter:

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