We have been breeding Frenchies for over a decade. Like most Frenchie enthusiasts, we loved the look of the Lilac French Bulldog. The coating, color, and eyes are all very unique and captivating.

We decided to purchase a Lilac stud with the intention of breeding him and creating more amazing Lilac Frenchie pups. He was one of the only Lilac Frenchies in Canada at the time.

Our Lilac French Bulldog Stud, Purple Pluto.

Lilac Skin Pigment

Our stud, Purple Pluto name references the skin pigment on a Lilac. If you look around the eyelids and lips, you will see a distinct purple pigmentation. It is also apparent in other places such as the inside of their ears and between the toes. This gives them a vibrant look and adds contrast to their coat color.

lilac puppy
Lilac Puppy – 1 Hour old

Lilac Fur Color

A Lilac French Bulldog appears as a light to medium gray. This is the resulting combination of both the Cocoa and Blue color genes. The DNA of a Lilac appears on the chart as (d/d, co/co) meaning that the dog will have two copies of the blue and cocoa gene. Usually, the fur will appear lighter in the summer months and darker during the winter with less sun exposure.

Fluffy French Bulldog studs
Lilacs puppies 6 weeks old

Lilac Eye Color

The most captivating feature of a lilac is the eye color. They often stay a very light color over the life of the Frenchie. They often start off very blue and can turn green over the years. Most French Bulldog’s eyes will turn yellow or brown. The lilac and variations of the lilac (Lilac Platinum, merle, etc) can all retain this feature.

Platinum French Bulldog Astro Stud
Astro is Lilac Platinum, which is lilac with the cream gene. He appears cream, but with light eyes and skin.
Are Lilac French Bulldogs Healthy?

Yes, there are no known health complications associated with the lilac French Bulldog.

Are Lilac French Bulldogs Rare?

They are rarer than many other Frenchie colors. Lilacs require multiple sets of genes which makes breeding selection options harder to find.

Can Lilac French Bulldogs be Registered?

They can most often be registered by a kennel club as purebred, but many will not allow them into shows.

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