Lilac Platinum French Bulldog Stud

Meet Our French Bulldog Stud Astro

Genetic Profile

Lilac Platinum Stud – Astro

Astro is the most versatile platinum stud we’ve ever acquired.  First and foremost, his DNA profile is four-panel medically cleared by UC Davis animal genetics. Our stud, Astro carries an incredibly unique DNA color profile that pairs well with many different color carriers. He is visible platinum with blue eyes with a great temperament, intelligence, and loves his family.


Since Astro carries two copies of both the blue and cocoa gene, that makes him a great pairing with blue and lilac dogs or carriers. A lilac Dam with Astro would create a 100% lilac litter, a visible blue would create a 100% blue litter, and visible platinum would create a 100% platinum litter. French Bulldogs that are carriers of any of these will drastically increase their chances of producing highly desirable litters as this stud produces better odds of matching a wanted DNA pairing.

Tan Points

Astro will also pass along a copy of tan points which adds the potential of a 50% tan point litter when paired with the proper dam.


Our Stud, Astro comes from a beautiful line of French Bulldogs. His dad is a visible lilac/tan, platinum-carrying, well-structured Frenchie. His mom is visible blue and also carried the platinum (e) gene and the lilac(dilute) gene.

DNA Profile

We have made Astro’s DNA testing results from Animal Genetics available here so you can view it for yourself. We make our DNA reports widely available to provide you with the highest degree of confidence possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I produce a Lilac French Bulldog?

A lilac French Bulldog requires 2 copies of the recessive blue gene (d) and 2 copies of the recessive cocoa gene (co). Both parents would require a minimum of 1 copy of each. Astro is a platinum stud, so he has 2 copies of each.

How do I produce a Platinum French Bulldog?

Platinum French Bulldogs come in 2 variations. Lilac platinum and Isabella platinum. A lilac platinum requires 2 copies of the recessive genes – blue (d), cocoa (co), and cream (e). An Isabella French Bulldog requires 2 copies of the recessive genes – blue (d), chocolate (b), and cream (e). Astro can produce lilac platinum Frenchies with a female with a minimum of one copy of each of the three genes.

Is Brindle good for French Bulldog Breedings?

Brindle makes a stud much more versatile as brindle reduces the chances of a fawn litter. It allows for more colour variety to appear in a litter in many cases. The fawn gene is co-dependant on the brindle gene, when the brindle gene is present, the fawn gene is suppressed.

How do I produce a pied French Bulldog?

You would require 2 copies of pied. Our stud, Astro carries one copy so the female would require an additional copy or 2. The highest projections for a pied litter with Astro would be 50%.

Can I produce Merle Puppies?

Only one copy of Merle should be present, breeding two Merle French Bulldogs together creates a significant health risk to the puppies. Astro would be a great choice is your Female is merle, because he has no copies of merle.

Where is Astro located?

Astro is located in Bowmanville Ontario.

How do I book Astro for a Stud Service?

Please call/text 519-929-0739 or email

Platinum Lilac Stud Astro


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