Elon Fluffy Carrier Stud

Elon Has Been Retired From Our Breeding Program and is Unavailable. View our Current French Bulldog Studs now.

Elon is one of the most powerful Fluffy French Bulldog studs you will find. While not a visible Fluffy French Bulldog, he carries one copy and can produce fluffy pups. Elon is an amazing compact, Lilac-Trindle. He comes from incredible lines and carries one copy of the long-hair (Fluffy) gene, and also one copy of creme. Since Elon carries one copy of Kbr brindle and no copies of Ay Fawn, he will give your litter an exceedingly high chance of removing visibly fawns from your litter, even when bred to another fawn. He will also give you a high chance of visible Tan-Points of Trindle French Bulldogs. Elon is CKC registered and his litters can easily also be AKC registered.

Toronto French Bulldog Stud Elon

Our Toronto French Bulldog Stud

Elon can produce Lilacs, Tan Points, Cream, Long-haired, and Cocoa French Bulldogs depending on the pairing. Contact us for a report on litter projections with your Dam. Elon lives in the Toronto area and will be able to use anywhere in Canada or USA via Semen shipping.

Fluffy French Bulldog studs
Lilacs require both visible copies of Cocoa and Dilute. Appears as co/co + d/d


Elon was sired by a compact lilac/tan Frenchie, Keystone. Keystone is a compact AKC registered stud from the United States. He is a visible tan point French Bulldog with one copy of the cream and long hair gene.

Hazel is a compact CKC Registered cocoa French Bulldog. Hazel carries one copy of the dilute gene. Hazel has produced multiple amazing litters for us.

About this Fluffy French Bulldog Stud

The fluffy genes are recessive genes. That means they require 2 copies to appear in the litter, one from both mom and day. Elon is a carrier of the Fluffy gene (l4), so he will pass along this gene about half of the time. For a visual Fluffy French Bulldog, both genes need to be present. Elon can create visual fluffys with the correct mate or fluffy carriers with any mate.

DNA Profile

We have made Elon’s DNA testing results from Animal Genetics available here so you can view it for yourself. We make our DNA reports widely available to provide you with the highest degree of confidence possible.

Contact Us

Have a question or interested in booking Elon? Contact us below. We typically respond within a few hours.

Frequently Asked

What is Elons Color Profile?

AT/AT – d/d – co/co – E/e – L/l – Ky/Kbr

Has Elon been health tested?

Yes. Elon has been 5 panel health cleared.

Where is Elon Located?

Elon is located in Toronto, Ontario and can be used in local French Bulldog breedings.

Can you ship French Bulldog Semen?

yes, we can ship sperm/semen across North America. Learn more about our process here.

Can you perform the Artificial Insemination?

Yes, we can perform the artificial insemination for local breedings.

When is the correct time to inseminate?

You should have your dam progesterone tested to determine the correct day. Usually between day 11-13 from the first sign of menstrual blood. Learn more about AI here.

How do I book your stud?

Please call/text 519-929-0739 or email staci@blufrenchibles.ca

Our Toronto Stud Elon (Video)

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