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During a long selection process, Pluto was chosen as our preferred Sire based on his exceptional pedigree, proper structure, excellent health, and great personality/temperament. Pluto was bred from a strong family line and treated like family by a fellow breeder in Edmonton, Alberta. Pluto was one of the first lilacs introduced into Canada as both of Pluto’s parents were Chocolate-Blue carriers which combine to display the very rare color. Pluto has very little to no visible brindling and appears to look like one solid color.

Pluto is registered with both the Canadian Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club which verifies his status as a certified, pure-bred dog. Pluto has been DNA (AY/AY d/d EM KB) and health tested through Animal Genetics and has been cleared for congenital diseases. Animal Genetics certified clearance and health certificate available upon request. Pluto is available as a STUD, but there are limited spots available so please contact us should you be interested. We offer side-by-side artificial insemination and collection and fresh chilled overnight shipping anywhere in Canada is an option too.

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