About this Lilac French Bulldog Stud

Enzo is an amazing, compact, and healthy Lilac French Bulldog stud located in Ottawa, Ontario. He is available for local breedings and semen shipping across North America. Enzos was born June 18th, 2021, and weights 22 lbs. He is a Lilac stud that carries a copy of cream (e) and long hair(l). This makes Elon capable of producing long hair (Fluffy Frenchies), Lilacs, Lilac Platinum, Blue, Cream, and Chocolate. Enzo is a CKC Registered French Bulldog stud, which easily transfers to AKC.

French Bulldog Stud Elon
Enzo is a Lilac small stud that carries fluffy.
Frenchie Pups Fighting over a ring
Elon and Enzo as Puppies, Fighting over a toy ring.


Enzo’s parents are both compact French bulldogs. Hazel is a chocolate brindle that carries blue (d) and Keystone is a Lilac French Bulldog Stud that carries long hair and tan points. Hazel has produced multiple healthy litters for us. She is a very friendly Frenchie with a lot of personality. Keystone is located in the United States with another reputable breeder.

About French Bulldog Lilac Studs

These studs can produce more lilacs, blue, or chocolate (cocoa) Frenchie pups. You would need to have your Frenchie DNA tested to determine what the possibilities are. When paired with visible lilacs, all of the offspring will be visible lilac (or lilac fawn in some cases). When paired with a blue French Bulldog, if she carries a copy of chocolate you could create lilacs also. The same is true for chocolate Frenchies that carry a copy of blue. A Lilac requires 2 copies of both chocolate (cocoa) and blue (dilute).

Frenchie Pups Fighting over a ring
Elon and Enzo, Nearly identical littermates fighting over a toy ring.

Local Ottawa French Bulldog Stud

Enzo is available for use locally in the Ottawa area. If you would like to coordinate a breeding, we can help make arrangements for a collection and Artificial Insemination. We also ship semen across North America if you would like to use one of our other French Bulldog studs. Please call/text 519-929-0739 or email staci@blufrenchibles.ca for more information.

DNA Profile

We have made Enzos DNA testing results from Animal Genetics available here so you can view it for yourself. We make our DNA reports widely available to provide you with the highest degree of confidence possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Colours can he produce?

Blue, Lilac, Cream, Chocolate, and Platinum

What is Enzos genetic color profile?

 AT/AY – d/d – co/co – E/e – L/l – Ky/Kbr

How do I produce Fluffy Frenchies?

Both Frenchies are required to have one copy of each of the long-haired gene (l1 or l4). The more copies they have, the higher the odds will be in the litter for Fluffy Frenchies. In order to create Fluffy Frenchies with your female, they must have this gene. Enzo can produce Fluffy Frenchies 50% of the time with the correct female.

Is Enzo been health tested?

Yes, he is 5 panel cleared.

Where is this stud located?

The French Bulldog stud is located near Orleans, Ottawa. Local breedings would be ideal for Ottawa and the surrounding area in Quebec.

What is a Lilac French Bulldog Stud?

A lilac French Bulldog stud carries 2 copies of the recessive blue (d) gene, and 2 copies of the recessive cocoa gene (co). They can create more lilacs, blue, or chocolate pups depending on who they are paired with.

How can I book Enzo for breeding?

Please call/text 519-929-0739 or email staci@blufrenchibles.ca

CKC Pedigree

CKC/AKC Pedigree

View High-Resolution PDF Pedigree For French Bulldog Stud Enzos

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