AKC Registration: A Mark of Quality

Titan is an AKC Registered French Bulldog Stud, which means he meets and exceeds the breed standards set by one of the most respected canine organizations in the world. His registration is a testament to his impeccable lineage, adherence to breed standards, and overall quality.

Titan’s dad, Gran Patrone is a handsome Lilac Platinum.

Titan was bred from two incredible lilac platinum studs, both located in Canada.

Titan’s Mom, Shanelle, is also a Lilac Platinum.

Distinctive Appearance: Lilac Platinum Beauty

Titan’s coat appears almost ghostly white, with enchanting hints of purple pigment around his eyes, mouth, and paws. His rare pale white color comes from carrying two copies of intensity genes, giving his coat that extra whiteness. In addition, he carries one copy of the longhair or “fluffy” gene, adding a unique texture to his beautiful coat.

Lilac Platinum Titan with Breeder Justin

Personality and Temperament

In addition to his appearance, Titan embodies the ideal temperament of the French Bulldog breed. He is a very calm Frenchie and is great around kids and adults.

Titan siting beside Staci

Breeding and Legacy

As an AKC Registered Stud, Titan’s genetic contributions to the French Bulldog line hold immense promise. His unique genes will be an asset to anyone looking to enhance the quality and diversity of the breed. The registration also ensures that any offspring will be held to the same exacting standards, allowing for continuity in excellence.

Boy holding a White French Bulldog
Taylor and Titan as a puppy, hanging out.,

Titan is an exceptional French Bulldog Stud, with a rare and beautiful appearance, a charming personality, and a bright future in breeding. His AKC registration is a testament to his quality and ensures that his legacy will continue to influence the French Bulldog breed for generations to come.

Important Documents

Titan’s CKC Registration Certificate.

Titan is a CKC Registered purebred French Bulldog Stud. Our studs are also registered with the AKC to simplify processing for litters born in the USA.

Booking Information

Our French Bulldog Stud Service is available for local breedings or we can ship semen across North America. To book one of our studs or for more information, please contact us at info@blufrenchibles.com or call/text us at (519) 929-0739. You can also use the contact form below.

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