Titan the French Bulldog stud being held.

While brindle can be a beautiful coat pattern, some people prefer the uniform, solid appearance of a non-brindle French Bulldog. We have multiple studs available to achieve this look.

Lilac and Tan French Bulldog Stud Aries sits under a trampoline.
Aries has no copies of brindle.

French Bulldog studs without brindle have two copies of the non-brindle gene (Ky/Ky). This genetic makeup ensures that the dog has a solid color without any brindle striping.

Solid French Bulldog Popularity

There are several reasons why French Bulldog studs without brindle are becoming increasingly popular. First, they have a more uniform and often more vividly colored coat. This makes them stand out from other French Bulldogs and can be very appealing to some people.

Healthy French Bulldog
a close-up of the head of a french bulldog that sticks out its tongue and breathes heavily against the backdrop of a park where walks take place

Second, some people simply prefer the simplicity and elegance of a solid-colored coat. They find it more visually appealing than the more complex brindle pattern.

Breeding French Bulldog Studs Without Brindle

Breeding non-brindle French Bulldog studs requires an understanding of genetics and careful selection of breeding pairs. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Genetic testing: It is essential to test both parents for the non-brindle gene (Ky/Ky) to ensure that they are both carriers of the gene. This will increase the chances of producing puppies with a solid color coat.
  • Health considerations: As with any breeding program, it is important to prioritize health screenings and ethical practices. Breeders should work with a veterinarian to ensure that both parents are healthy and free of any genetic conditions that could be passed on to offspring.
  • Documentation: Proper registration and documentation of the lineage can be essential for breeders specializing in this particular trait. This will help to ensure that the puppies are purebred and have the desired coat color.
Closeup on a Frenchie Face
Nova, Solid Lilac Frenchie with a uniform coat.

Our Solid French Bulldog Studs

We have a wide range of French Bulldogs available in our Stud Service. If you require a healthy sire that is solid, without brindle. We have the following sires clear from brindle:

  • Aries (Lilac and Tan Solid)
  • Alphonso (Lilac Platinum Solid)

These studs can produce brindle-free French Bulldog Puppies, however they do carry one copy of brindle:

  • Astro (Lilac Platinum)
  • Enzo (Lilac)
  • Elon (Lilac)

Booking Information

Our French Bulldog Stud Service is available for local breedings or we can ship semen across North America. To book one of our studs or for more information, please contact us at info@blufrenchibles.com or call/text us at (519) 929-0739. You can also use the contact form below.

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