Fluffy French Bulldog studs

Lilac French Bulldog studs are a rare and beautiful breed that is highly sought-after by breeders and pet owners alike. These dogs are characterized by their stunning lilac coat color, which is a dilute of the standard chocolate color.

French Bulldog in the Woods
Aries, Lilac and Tan Stud in the woods.

In addition to their unique appearance, Lilac French Bulldog studs are also known for their charming personalities and sturdy build. They are generally affectionate and outgoing dogs that make great family pets.

The Genetics of a Lilac Stud

  • The lilac coat color in French Bulldogs is the result of a recessive gene.
  • This means that both parents of a Lilac French Bulldog stud must carry the lilac gene in order for their puppies to inherit the color.
  • If only one parent carries the lilac gene, the puppies will be born with a different coat color, such as chocolate or blue.
Elon Fluffy Carrier Stud
Elon, the Lilac Frenchie Stud catching some rays!

Variations of Lilac Studs

Lilac Studs are not limited to the silver coat color that comes to mind. You could breed a Lilac Platinum, Newshade Lilac, or Lilac Fawn in many cases and end up with a similar result. While their coat pattern may appear different, they all have purple pigment around their mouth, eyes, ears, and paws.

French Bulldog fawn puppy closeup
Lilac Fawn Archie getting some tight snuggles

Breeding Lilac French Bulldog Studs

Breeding Lilac Studs can be a complex process, as it requires both parents to carry the lilac gene. However, with careful planning and a good understanding of genetics, it is possible to produce healthy and beautiful Lilac French Bulldog puppies.

Lilac Platinum Stud looking into the camera
Astro, Lilac Platinum with purple pigment around mouth, eyes, and ears.

The Allure of Lilac French Bulldog Studs

  • Lilac French Bulldog studs are highly sought-after for their unique coat color and rarity.
  • They are often used in breeding programs aimed at producing puppies with unusual and unique coat colors.
  • Furthermore, their beautiful lilac coat, combined with their loving and friendly disposition, makes them an excellent family pet.

Our Lilac Studs

If you are looking to breed with a Lilac Stud, we have multiple AKC-registered options and can provide semen shipping anywhere in North America. Contact Us if you would like more information about our services.

What is a Lilac French Bulldog stud?

A Lilac French Bulldog stud is a male French Bulldog with a rare coat color that is a blend of bluish and grayish hues.

Do I need a Lilac French Bulldog to Produce Lilacs?

No. However, you need a male and female that both carry a minimum of 1 copy of blue/dilute (d) and cocoa (co) each. These dogs are known as Lilac Producers.

Are there health issues specific to Lilac French Bulldogs?

No, their health concerns are the same as standard French Bulldogs

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