In the world of French Bulldogs, the breeding program at BluFrenchibles has made waves by focusing on improving the health and well-being of these beloved pets.

Breeding the Best French Bulldogs

By prioritizing genetic screenings, allergy prevention, and a more natural snout shape, BluFrenchibles is proud to set a new standard for ethical and responsible breeding practices in the French Bulldog community.

Ollie and Staci, CKC registered breeder.

The Need for Change

The French Bulldog breed has long been known for its adorable flat face and unique appearance. However, these very traits have often led to serious health issues, including breathing difficulties that require corrective surgery. Recognizing the need for change, the BluFrenchibles breeding program has taken a bold step forward in addressing these concerns.

BluFrenchibles Lilac and Tan Frenchie Pup

Focus on Health

At the core of the BluFrenchibles program has always been our commitment to breeding healthy French Bulldogs. This is achieved through a rigorous health screening process for both the parent dogs and the puppies.

Aries/Harper Litter – Lilac Tan Puppy

By ensuring that the parents have a clean bill of health and no history of genetic disorders, the program significantly reduces the chances of puppies inheriting health issues. Our parents are also tested for all genetic markers to ensure they are fit for breeding, which we make readily available.

Our pups are very well socialized.

Breeding for Better Breathing

One of the most significant characteristics of BluFrenchibles is the breeding of French Bulldogs with a slight snout.

Lilac Frenchie Puppy

This allows for better breathing and reduces the risk of respiratory issues that are common in flat-faced Frenchies. By breeding dogs with a slight muzzle, the program is helping to improve the overall health and quality of life for these beloved pets. This creates a much higher quality of life, while remaining true to the French Bulldog signature look.

Avoiding Fluffy Frenchies

Recognizing the potential challenges of owning a fluffy French Bulldog in warmer climates, the BluFrenchibles program has chosen to avoid breeding these variations.

Our Maskless Fawn, Rosie!

This decision is made with the well-being of the dogs in mind, as the extra fur can lead to overheating and discomfort in hot weather. We have had recessive carriers in our program, but ultimately decided the Fluffy French Bulldog was not in line with our breeding standards.

Big Rope Frenchies – A Big Step Back

A recent trend known as “Big Rope Frenchies”, refers to having excessively large wrinkles at the snout of the Frenchie. Many people might associate this with the look of a Sharpei.

Aries with a normal sized rope.

On a French Bulldog, adding any additional pressure, weight, obstructions around the snout is not consistent with our goals of improving their breathing. Therefore, we do not breed this way and do not support French Bulldog breeders that do.

Justin and Staci hold a puppy
Justin and Staci with Harper

Our Focus on Lilac Frenchies

One of the unique aspects of the BluFrenchibles program is its focus on breeding Lilac Frenchies. These dogs have a beautiful, light gray coat and often feature tan points, which add warmth and character to their appearance.

French Bulldog Exercising with a walk
Aries walks with confidence wherever he roams.

The program also produces Lilac Fawns, which can resemble the Isabella color when produced without a mask. Additionally, the program includes Lilac Bulldogs with brindle and without, as well as Lilac Platinum Frenchies, which have a white appearance but maintain the lilac gene’s characteristic lighter purple pigment around the eyes, nose, and paws.

Boy holding a White French Bulldog
Taylor and Alphonso (Lilac Platinum) hanging out.,

Healthy Sized Frenchies

Many Kennel clubs recommend a size no larger than 28-33Lbs. Not all enforce a minimum size, which in our experience has been another problem in the French Bulldog community. We aim for a weight between 20-25lbs and make no attempt to shrink the breed to an unhealthy size.

Our Premiere Stud, Aries Sets a high standard in French Bulldog health.

The BluFrenchibles breeding program takes a much-needed step towards improving the health and well-being of French Bulldogs. By focusing on breeding healthier dogs with a more natural snout shape, the program is setting a new standard for ethical and responsible breeding practices. Additionally, the program’s focus on Lilac Frenchies adds a unique and beautiful element to the breed, ensuring that these beloved pets can continue to bring joy to their owners for years to come.

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