Following another very successful year of ethical breeding, we have seen a very large increase in demand for our French Bulldogs. It has been difficult to keep up with the level of inquiries, but we are extremely excited to see so many people have taken an interest in our Frenchies and share our passion for responsible and ethical breeding of French Bulldogs.


We’ve recently added to our lineage and plan to release details very soon. This has been a very time-consuming process as finding French Bulldogs that meet our strict health standards and aesthetic desirability is difficult during the best of times, the restrictions during Covid-19 has compounded it further. As we hope you are aware, French Bulldogs are among the most common breed for mass production that results in unethical animal treatment and genetic disorders. Sadly, many people fall victim to this and unknowingly support corrupt breeders.


We anticipate a litter to arrive near the end of 2020, ready for adoption in 2021. Following that, we will be expecting 2 more litters over the course of 2021. We are currently looking to adopt an additional Dam that meets our high health standards, this will help determine our schedule entering 2022. We do not plan on exceeding 4 litters per year in the near future (3-6 /litter on average). We understand that many of you might be looking to adopt sooner and if that is the case, we may be able to put you in touch with a breeder that shares similar values to us. We also do not want to see anyone getting scammed or unknowingly supporting corrupt breeders, so please reach out if we can help you.



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