It goes without saying, 2020 was a wild year. With so many people
confined to their homes, the search for pet companionship was at an all
time high and the landscape shifted once again for the most popular
breeds according to the American Kennel Club, so lets get started with
number 10,

The Dachshund.

These playful little guys, known better by many as the wiener dog have
been a popular choice for many years, ten years ago they were the 8th
most popular breed,  where they eventually fell back to 11th place last
year, and just made it into our top ten for 2020. The Dachshund
originated in Germany and was bred to scent out and chase away badgers
and other small burrowing critters.

Our Number 9 breed goes to another German Descendant, the German
Shorthaired Pointer.

The German Shorthaired Pointer is a versatile hunting breed thats been
adapted for the family life.
This breed has held its 9th place spot from last year after making stead
gains over the last decade, where it sat at 16th place back in 2010.
These dogs do require a bit more training as their hunting instincts can
otherwise have them not getting along with other small animals. They
have a short, waterproof coat that keeps them warm and suited for the

The Number 8 breed also maintained its position from last year. The
, which can grow up to 132 lbs and is also from Germany is
considered to be one of the oldest dog breeds. Often used for hearing
and guarding, these dogs were also relied upon in world war one for
various roles including messaging, and medical transportation because of
their strong abilities to pull sleds and carts. The Rottweiler ranked at
11th to begin the decade and have steadily grown in popularity.

The number 7 spot goes to the Beagle.

The Beagle, which was originally bred for hunting Hare, originated in
England and held the number 4 spot in 2010. They gradually slipped their
way to the number 7 spot in 2019, which it holds onto today.
The beagle is a very intelligent breed and is a popular choice due to
its size and temperament.

Number 6 on this list, stays with the Poodle.

The poodle’s origin has been disputed and is said to have either come
from France or Germany. These very distinct-looking dogs rank second in
intelligence, just behind the border collie. Poodles were a popular
choice for hunting duck with their retrieving and swimming abilities,
combined with their intelligence which makes them easy to command.
Poodles are a very social breed and have moved in popularity from 9th
place, to number 6 for the last two years.

Number 5 is the Bulldog, which also retained its place from last year.
The bulldog is a compact muscular and distinct-looking wrinkly dog breed
that descends from England. Although they are small in size, they can
grow up to 50 pounds. However, they are still a lapdog at heart and just
want to be with their owner at all times.  Due to the dog’s narrow
airways, they cannot be overexerted and during periods of hot humidity
would be much better off in an air-conditioned home. Ten years ago, the
bulldog ranked in at the sixth spot, where it moved up to fourth place
in 2015.

We have some movement for the Number 4 spot, which goes to the Golden
.  They’ve managed to hold the number 3 spot since 2012, after
holding the number 4 spot in 2010 and 2011. Even though they’ve slid
again this year, the Golden Retriever is a wildly popular dog choice
that originated in Scotland. Originally bred as a hunting dog, They’ve
become a popular choice for families because of their gentle temperament
and personality.

The number 3 breed has also seen a serious disruption, they’ve held the
number 2 spot from 2010 up until 2019, but this year taking number 3 is
the German Shepherd.

Given their name, you might be tempted to believe these dogs originated
in Germany,  and.. of course, you’d be right,  but admit it, I had you
going. These wolf-like pups have incredible strength, intelligence,
and were bred for their ability to herd livestock. German shepherds are
incredibly popular as guard dogs, police dogs, and disability
assistance. They are also used for search and rescue missions as they
are quick to learn new tasks and interpret instructions. They are,
however less inclined than most breeds to be trusting of strangers and
are very protective of their owners.

For the number 2 spot, we’ve got a massive disruptor on the scene.

The French bulldog jumps from number 4, right up to number 2 as they
have absolutely surged in popularity this decade. In 2010, The French
bulldog was ranked all the way out at 21st and didn’t even make the top
ten list until 2014 where it took ninth place. They’ve slowly
scratched their way up to second place this year with their funny
personality, playfulness, and space requirements. The French Bulldog is
well suited for smaller homes as they prefer less exercise than many
other breeds.

And the number 1 spot goes to..,

the Labrador Retriever, for the 30th year in a row. It has been an
amazing run for the Lab retriever
and it’s easy to see why they rank so high. They are an incredibly
family-friendly breed whose first instinct is to just be your best
friend. Originating in the UK, They are extremely intelligent,
affectionate, and can complement any family.

But, will the lab hang on to the number 1 spot next year also, or will
the huge amount of momentum by the Frenchies be enough to take them
over? Let us know what you think is coming and be sure to Subscribe to our channel for all the latest!


Most Popular Dog Breeds of 2020 in the USA