French Bulldog Lilac and Tan

We’ve got some great Frenchie news to share! It’s been an exciting year so far and we’ve got two litters just beyond the horizon.

Our Tan Girl Harper

Meet our newest addition, Harper. She comes to us from a reputable breeder who shares our vision for health and structure. She meets an incredibly high threshold for health testing and we expect in the future, her pups will be highly desirable for breeding. She is a Lilac and Tan, which produces a unique pattern and marks around her eyebrows. This trait will also be passed along to her pups.

Lexi Lookout

We’ve been carefully monitoring Lilac Lexi for signs of heat. So far, we’ve had some false alarms to report, but no positive signs that she is ready to breed. We expect it to occur any day and project a litter for late in the summer.

French Bulldog Puppy and Parents

Adoption Opportunities

We have had a surge in demand for Astro recently. Our convenient shipping service has allowed us to collaborate with breeders in different parts of the world and produce world-class Frenchies from coast to coast. We’ve just recently used Astro to produce a litter in California, over 4000 KM away! We’ve also adopted a beautiful Lilac girl originally intended for our breeding program, which we’ve since decided to allow for adoption. She is 12 weeks old, perfect, and looking for her new family! Please contact us if you are interested at

French Bulldog Lilac brindle

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